Starting over again…


I had quite a productive weekend. I was able to help out my friend Karen with her shooting of Miss Mah Poo 2 with costuming and wardrobe; and my husband and I were able to finish painting the walls on the side of the stairs. That was a feat in itself because we also painted the risers and we used a glazing technique called colorwash.

Anyways, I think this website had been around since 2002. Life had taken over and I never got the time to update my site until now since I’m also maintaining, a collage of Filipino American artists and, my work website. For some reason, my web files had been messed up and I was never been able to save my blog. It was also called, “The Journey: Biyaheng Langit Lang Po.” So, I consulted with tech support and I decided to reboot my website. Everything was gone. It’s like a phoenix rising from the ashes. The reason I’m updating this website is because a year ago, I was among the populace who had been given a pretty pink slip because of the country’s economic crisis and I suppose I turned it into an opportunity to go back and spend time with my art. And so, has been reborn today.

I suppose this is my website where I post my art portfolio and whenever I’m working on a new artwork.

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