The Apostles Series

I had a preview exhibit at St. Lorenzo Catholic Church, Walnut CA during the Pentecost festivities last May 30, 2009. It’s a prelude to my plan to have an art exhibition by fall 2010. For the past month, I’d been working on the “Apostles Series” to humanize the saints or apostles and relate it to the everyday man. In my view, the apostles are just normal people like us but had overcome great obstacles in their time. It’s the focus of their belief or faith that made them notable.

Art Exhibit

In choosing the models for the saints, I was looking for particular people who would seem to look familiar and yet would impress us with distinct characteristics of the saints for what they’re known for before they become saints. My goal for this series is to go beyond the religious aspect of the apostles & see the humanity & commonality that exist with everyday unsung heroes.

Me & My Art
Me & My Art
Art Exhibit @ St. Lorenzo Church
Art Exhibit @ St. Lorenzo Church

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