Tropical Storm “Ondoy” Hits Manila: Help Needed

Tropical Storm “Ondoy” (international name “Ketsana”), a once-in-a-lifetime typhoon hits Manila last Saturday, September 26. It was Friday in Los Angeles & I was busy with my small claims court issue. The next day I learned about it from the postings of my friends from Manila in Facebook & tweets coming from Twitter. I scanned for the cable news & my heart dropped when I saw images worst than the Katrina Hurricane tragedy last August of 2005.


I called my family and see how they’re doing since my mom still maintains our home in Sampaloc even if she already lives in Makati. I remember how bad floods can be in EspaƱa Boulevard along UST. I was calling my mom for 2 days before I got a hold on her since communications have been down, too. During previous storm & floodings, our home in Sampaloc never got flooded. This is the first time ever that it happened. And my mom told me that it was knee deep high. I was relieved though since a lot of people had it worse than them.

It was heartening to see how Pinoys come together to help each other. Most politicians are nowhere to be seen, NOT REALLY HELPING — but that’s another story. Inspite of this, the Philippines still needs help, relief & volunteers.

Here are legit list of links & sources that I got from friends in Manila. Please be careful where you donate since there are still heartless scammers who are taking advantage of this tragedy: Click on “ DONATIONS FOR TYPHOON ONDOY VICTIMS

If you have additional legit sources or link where to send donations to, please add down to the comments section.