Kyle’s First Christmas

To have a child celebrate his first Christmas is a wonder to a new mom like me. It’s like a breath of fresh air. You just want to give your child everything that you can, make him believe that everything is possible & reassure him that everything will be alright.

Merry Christmas Cake
Simbang Gabi
Happy Birthday Jesus Cake
My Family
Santa's Helper Is Sleeping
A Christmas Lullabye
My First Christmas
Me & Mickey Mouse
I Love Gifts!
Mommy & Ninang Teenie
Daddy & Me
I'm A Milkaholic
Family & Friends

A Happy New Year & Resolutions

New Year’s Eve has always been a fun holiday for me. What comes into my mind are fireworks, feast, my big clan of a family and talking or texting friends on the phone to send that last minute holiday messages. These past few years, my New Year’s Eve had been a bit laid back. But one thing that hasn’t really changed is the atmosphere of hoping for the best on the new year that is to come.

NY Times Square New Year's Eve

One thing that changed for me is that now, I’d become a mother. I’d never realized what a roller coaster ride that is. And it’s true what they say that you gained another level of appreciation towards your parents. I really don’t know what 2010 will be like with the recent changes in my life but I’m an eternal optimist. I just feel and think that things just gets better.

One thing that haven’t changed are the resolutions we armed ourselves with this new year. I’m gonna follow my doctor’s orders this time and I’ll take it easy. I’d resolved to have resolutions that I know I’ll be able to accomplish. Something like: this new year, I’ll never smoke. Well, for one thing I really don’t smoke, anyways and I don’t have any plan to do that. Hahaha!

One thing I feel for sure, is that the blue moon of New Year’s Eve is a good omen for 2010. That’s the eternal optimist speaking. And that’s one of my new year’s resolution, never change that mind set.