Thea Ivens

1985 Started attending art workshops every summer and was awarded Best Artist for 5 consecutive years.

1992 An active member and officer of Haribon Foundation, an environmental NGO & started to travel extensively off the beaten track provinces in the Philippines which became an inspiration to my artworks. Incidentally, my Architecture Professor also started a touring lectures across the country.

1994 Obtained my degree in BS Architecture and started working in small architectural firms and also started working as an actress mostly in stage and commercials.

1999 Passed my board exam in Architecture, became an active member of United Architects of the Philippines and started my own practice.

2001 Migrated to US and started working for Home Express Construction from CAD Operator to Project Manager.  Project managed the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church in Montclair, CA. Doing artworks on and off.

2008 Working on Set Designs. Pursuing ARE & LEED AP Exams to acquire Architect Licensure in California. Traveling extensively in other Asian countries to observe other Asian Art and Culture. Started blogging about Filipino American artists. Member of United States Institute for Theatre Technology and American for the Arts.

2018 Moved to Japan as an Expat working as part of the Design team for the Super Nintendo Land.

1989 Best Artist at City Gallery Art Workshop and started exhibiting works at group exhibits and started getting private artwork commissions.

1993 Curated an environmental art exhibit at the City Gallery.

1997 An art instructor every summer for Xavierville Village in Quezon City for four consecutive years. Full circle.

2000 A Set Designer for Repertory Philippines with the musical, “Once On This Island” on tour at the Academy of Performing Arts, Hongkong, China.

2005 An Architectural Designer for various companies. I worked on domestic & international projects such as the Tahewan project in China, Busch Gardens Theme Park, and Harley-Davidson stores. Member of  American Institute of Architects and US Green Building Council. I sold Mary Kay Cosmetics part time & became a member of BNI.

2009 Launched The A+D Studio, my Arts and Design company. Hired by the Burbank Unified School District to be a Design Teacher.

2012 Worked on theme parks at Walt Disney Imagineering & Universal Creative.

2020 Moved back to the US.

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