EWP Studio Lab Project: The Marriage of Cruz & Chu

It was such a great experience for me participating in this show which was the culmination of the East West Player’s Studio Lab Project- The Marriage of Cruz & Chu: Our Big Fat Filipino-Chinese Wedding Banquet as part of the Arts Education program headed by Marilyn Tokuda. With the support of the Artistic Director Tim Dang & the Board of Directors, this project would not have been possible. Our Director & teacher, Leslie Iishi noted that audience support of the artists’ creativity is critical in nurturing talent and growth of the artist.

Mother of the Groom & the Bride
Mother of the Groom & the Bride
The Bridesmaids
The Bridesmaids

The cast consists of old & new students from the EWP’s Actor’s Conservatory. It’s interesting to see how the old students had took on an informal mentoring role to the new students w/ the teacher’s nudging. It’s quite a process. The cast also took on production responsibilities which I think was important to make any performer grounded about the totality of the production. The guest artists were just awesome. They had helped out with their time & creativity to make this project a success, too.

Banner Design by Thea
Banner Design by Thea
The Bride, Groom & Officiant
The Bride, Groom & Officiant
The Groom w/ the Groomsmen
The Groom w/ the Groomsmen

The day of the performance itself was quite something. I’m always in awe of how a good production unfolds before your own eyes & things just all comes together. The East West Volunteers were very professional & had boundless energy to give.

Leslie Iishi & Tracy Burns
Leslie Iishi & Tracy Burns
Research Group @ Tony & Tina's Wedding
Research Group @ Tony & Tina's Wedding

The audience’s positive response was very satisfying to any performer & there’s a possibility of having this show being restaged so I’m appealing for your support again.

For any updates, please visit the blog/website at: http://bigfatfilipinochineseweddingbanquet.wordpress.com/

and also the Fanpage @ Facebook:                                                                                          http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Marriage-of-Cruz-Chu-Our-Big-Fat-Filipino-Chinese-Wedding-Banquet/214544385146?ref=ts

The Cast
ROMEO CRUZ (the Groom) – Vance Lanoy
JENNIFER CHU (the Bride) – Miho Ando
DAVID WANG (the Best Man) – Jhemon Lee
TRACY HART ( the Maid of Honor) – Khristine Palomo
ROSARIO “ROSIE” CRUZ (Mother of the Groom) – Thea Ivens
ROBERT LEWIS CHU (Father of the Bride) – Willie Wu
ERIC CHU (Groomsman/Brother of the Bride) – Patrick Chien
PREMAR SANTIAGO (Groomsman) – Chris Calumpong
JOSEPH GARCIA (the Ex-Boyfriend) – Art Dumindin
LEEONG (the Minister/Wedding Singer) – Jimmy Matsuki
Special Guest Appearances
ELAINE LE – Marcy Hiratzka
KAREN WU – Carin Ka-Yan Chea
FRANK (Wedding Planner)- Greg Watanabe
The Nisei Widows Club Ladies:
Takayo Fischer
Emily Kuroda
Jeanne Sakata

Written & Developed by the Director & the Students of the Studio Lab Project
Director – Leslie Ishii
Arts Education Director – Marilyn Tokuda
Stage Manager – Justin Fisher
Set Designer – Thea Ivens
Graphic Designer – Jimmy Matsuki
Costume Designer – Marcy Hiratzka
Costume Assistant – Andy Apuy
Crew – East West Volunteers:
Gordon Lee, Jessica Yang, Halley Kim, Ana San & Chon Lee
* Special mention to Elpidio Ebuen in participating for the Cruz-Chu Slideshow

Creating Moments at “Cruz & Chu Wedding”

Next week, we’ll be presenting the culmination of Studio Lab Project- “The Marriage of Cruz & Chu: Our Big Fat Filipino-Chinese Wedding Banquet.” This will be on July 11, 2009, Saturday, 6:00 PM at the Miyako Hotel  328 East 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90012. I’m really quite excited how this will pan out because it’ll be an interactive dinner theatre show. The show for this day is sold out after only a couple of weeks being online which is awesome.

The Marriage of Cruz & Chu: Our Big Fat Filipino-Chinese Wedding Banquet

Working on this project is quite a journey of self-discovery in my part. This group is a mixture of people I worked with in the past & people from the other EWP classes. I do love the collaboration  & exchange of ideas that was just born from each moment when we’re working on the scenes. But at times it can be quite challenging when people with strong ideas clash, too. So, I asked my friends what do you do when you’re in this process? Interesting results:

a. stay away from the person as far as possible

b. slap the person in the face

c. count 1-10 & then smile

d. kill your scene partner

e. give a deadly stare

I didn’t do anything of the above. I blew my top in public which is RARE but in the end I compromised.