Wedding Place Cards For Michelle

Finally, I’m done with working on my sister-in-law’s wedding place cards. She really love the Disney Characters. Her fiance loves horror movies & books  so we decided on using “The Corpse Bride” as one of the images.

Corpse Bride Place Card
Corpse Bride Place Card

You can also check this place card at on my Creative Pinay shop at

Disney Wedding Place Cards
Disney Wedding Place Cards

The materials I used are flower embellishments, Disney images, tent card stock, paste, green pattern paper, stickers, punch, & computer.

Working On The Place Cards
Working On The Place Cards

Wedding Direction Cards for Michelle

I finally finished my sister in law’s wedding direction cards last month. What I did was to use photoshop & use images from mapquest & the venue’s website. Her theme is traditional garden wedding w/ green & coral colors. At the back of the card is the text of the actual direction to the venue. We used Overnight Prints as our card vendor for this one. For 50 pcs., it’s only $18.95 + shipping which is very economical. She loved it! — I’m glad 🙂 Our next wedding project is designing her place cards.

Michelle's Direction Card
Michelle's Direction Card

Creating Moments at “Cruz & Chu Wedding”

Next week, we’ll be presenting the culmination of Studio Lab Project- “The Marriage of Cruz & Chu: Our Big Fat Filipino-Chinese Wedding Banquet.” This will be on July 11, 2009, Saturday, 6:00 PM at the Miyako Hotel  328 East 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90012. I’m really quite excited how this will pan out because it’ll be an interactive dinner theatre show. The show for this day is sold out after only a couple of weeks being online which is awesome.

The Marriage of Cruz & Chu: Our Big Fat Filipino-Chinese Wedding Banquet

Working on this project is quite a journey of self-discovery in my part. This group is a mixture of people I worked with in the past & people from the other EWP classes. I do love the collaboration  & exchange of ideas that was just born from each moment when we’re working on the scenes. But at times it can be quite challenging when people with strong ideas clash, too. So, I asked my friends what do you do when you’re in this process? Interesting results:

a. stay away from the person as far as possible

b. slap the person in the face

c. count 1-10 & then smile

d. kill your scene partner

e. give a deadly stare

I didn’t do anything of the above. I blew my top in public which is RARE but in the end I compromised.

Wedding Scrolls

wedding scrolls

One of my favorite things are weddings. What can I say, I’m a romantic. So, when my sister-in-law asked me to design her wedding paper accessories, I got really excited. The above picture was an initial mock-up as part of a token for her wedding. It’ll be printed on a green parchment paper and will be rolled and tied with a coral string.